Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Why Podiatry is Crucial for Runners

Running marathons have increased popularity in Adelaide over the past few years. Just this year, there are monthly runs that running enthusiasts can take part in. While running is an enjoyable and wellness-inclined sport, it can also be the root cause of foot problems if a runner is not careful. When should a runner visit a professional Podiatrist Adelaide?


Podiatrist AdelaideFirst of all, why is podiatry significant in the life of a runner? Ever since marathons found their way into Adelaide, podiatry has also been in huge demand. It is because many people who are new to the sport are unaware of proper foot care.


If ever you find yourself experiencing any of the following red flags, visit your trusted Podiatrist Adelaide as soon as possible.


  1. Mobility Problems


Sometimes, too much running can cause your feet to “take a rest.” If you feel like your feet do not move like they used to, it is best to contact a podiatry expert. Podiatrists will run the necessary tests to pinpoint the problem. You need to undergo these tests to find out if there are underlying foot conditions that require immediate care.


  1. Swelling and Redness


After a long run, you may experience some swelling and pain in parts of your feet. However, it is unusual if the redness and swelling do not subside within a few days. If your feet are still swollen three to four days after your last marathon, consult with a podiatrist right away. It is especially true if there is extreme pain in the area that is swollen.


Most often than not, excessive and prolonged swelling could point to a torn ligament. The last thing you want is an injured foot if you’re scheduled for another run within the next week.


  1. Pain That Keeps Coming Back


Even if the pain you feel can be managed by flexing or moving around a bit, if the same pain comes back regularly, you may need to consult with a podiatrist. Podiatry tests will determine if your pain is just limited to your running activities or if there is an underlying health problem.



  1. Discomfort


If you notice during your run that you feel some discomfort along the way, call your podiatrist. Many runners in Adelaide testify that orthotics helped improve the functions of their feet. The same may apply to you.


Your podiatrist will determine if you need orthotics to help enhance your foot performance. If this is so, you will be provided with custom-made shoe inserts that will remove the discomfort you feel each time you run.


Podiatry is an essential part of a runner’s life. Don’t try to handle pain and discomfort on your own! Consult with a podiatrist for proper advice on foot care for marathon runners.