Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Top Bathroom Renovation Tools 2019

Renovating the bathroom isn’t the easiest task, but as you’ve seen in multiple YouTube videos, it can be done regardless of your experience and construction background. Yes, you will need some practice and training time, but you can get the job done!

If you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom without hiring a contractor to do so, here are some of the most reliable tools you can use for your renovation project.

Stud Sensor

Before renovation is demolition – this is a fact to live by. You can do the demolition with the help of some family members and friends, or you can hire a team to do it for you. If you decide that you can demolish the areas in your bathroom without the need to spend on contractors, you need a stud detector.

A stud sensor is used to detect if there are nails and other studs embedded in a wall. This tool is critical in ensuring that your plan to install built-in cabinets or drawers in the bathroom will push through. The device will help you know which part of the wall your installations should be placed and which spots are better left untouched.

Angle Grinder

For every bathroom project, a reliable cordless angle grinder – is necessary to make sure you cut tiles accurately. This machine is used by construction experts to cut into tile slabs and other materials to achieve the desired shape.

Whether you’re going for a patterned or simple look with your bathroom floor, you can trust that your cordless angle grinder – will help you achieve your goal. The best part is, you can use the device to sand various surfaces or get rid of the old wall paint.


There are various types of drills that you can use for your bathroom renovation project. These include impact drivers, hammer drills, pistol grip drills, and more. It is best to purchase the kind of drill that will suit your project.

For instance, an impact driver is recommended if you will use large fasteners. Other drills can be used for smaller wall fasteners. When it comes to choosing the right drilling devices, you can ask advice from construction experts or friends who are into woodworks and DIY home projects.


Finally, you will need the following essential devices and equipment for your renovation task: hammer, safety goggles, safety mask (for dust and other debris), gloves, sealants, measuring tool or tape, and a caulking gun.

Getting the right tools for your project is crucial in achieving the results you want. Without the appropriate equipment, you may not come up with the final look you saw on YouTube. You can always call a power tool expert to make sure you’re investing in the proper devices for renovating your bathroom.