Wednesday, July 28, 2021

How to Buy a Data Logger When You’re Unsure of your Options

Choosing the right data logger is not as straightforward as you imagine, even if you consider yourself as an experienced user. The reason why you’re reading this article is that you need help in getting answers to some questions about davis instruments data loggers. Fortunately, you came to the right place.



The most critical factors to consider are:

Accuracy in Measurements

Regardless of the parameters that you must measure, understanding your measurement precision requirements is necessary. Monitoring storage conditions for temperature-sensitive products may require far higher precision. Or when monitoring streams for viability for certain fish types, accuracy on the order of 0.2 C is generally required.

Accuracy requirements differ extensively among different kinds of data loggers. If you have a decent understanding of precision requirements, it will help you prevent paying for accuracy you may not need. When looking at the precision requirements for a given data logger, make sure to search for charts that indicate precision over an entire measurement variety, not just a single worth. The precision a data logger can attain at the high or low end of a given range might be far different from the accuracy at the middle of the variety.

Data Access

When taking advantage of data loggers, it’s an excellent idea to find out about the available choices for accessing the gathered data.

With USB stand-alone data loggers, data are directly uploaded to a computer through a USB interface. In numerous circumstances, it’s not practical to bring a laptop out to an outdoor setting. It isn’t feasible as well to bring a data logger back to a workplace computer system. In such cases, data retrieval from stand-alone loggers can instead be quickly and quickly accomplished using a pocket-sized device called a data shuttle.


Just as there are many kinds of data loggers available, there are likewise several kinds of data graphing and analysis software packages. In general, search for software that is Windows and MAC-based and extremely user-friendly, so the knowing curve is minimal. The software ought to enable you to rapidly and quickly carry out tasks such as configuring parameters, introducing the data logger, and offloading data, with point-and-click simplicity. Some products allow you to batch-configure and readout hundreds of loggers rapidly.

The data logging software package must likewise provide useful data plotting abilities. Choose a product with a capacity to merge, append and crop data quickly. It should also allow you to export data to other programs, for analysis easily.

Battery Life

In general, data loggers are exceptionally low-power gadgets. Nevertheless, because they are utilised in a range of ecological conditions, which means battery life can vary widely. You should select the data logger you choose has a battery life of at least one year.

Finally, when you’re about to choose a davis instruments data logger, we recommend that you get a product with a battery that’s replaceable. It is a lot more convenient for you when you need a quick replacement while on the job.