Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Why It Makes Sense to Invest in Granny Flats

One of the most cost-effective and practical compact living solutions out there is the granny flat. It is a structure that you can build separately from the house or building. But you can also attach it to the main house if you like. A conventional garage may also be transformed into a granny flat.

granny flats AdelaideIf you are wondering if it is a worthy investment, then we think it is. There are reasons to argue in favour of building granny flats Adelaide, including the following:

1 – You keep the entire family close.

Adding a granny flat on your property means you get that much-needed accommodation for the extended family. You may have some relatives, parents, or even close friends coming over to spend a month or two at your place. The existence of a granny flat keeps everyone close while you plan on a get-together for the holidays or an important event in the family. You don’t have to force your visitors to find a hotel.

When building granny flats Adelaide, be sure you look for a contractor who can adapt and adjust their designs and fixtures, the purpose of which is to address your specific needs.

2 – You impress your guests, too.

One of the things that make granny flats an ideal investment is that you get to impress your guests with it. If you are that type of person who loves to make lasting impressions, then the creation of a granny flat on your space makes a lot of sense.

3 – You can have customised granny flats.

If you want to bring out the creativity in you, why not showcase it by customising and designing your granny flat. It is the ideal structure to experiment on what you can do as an artist. It is something you can gamble on because it is easy to start from scratch if you feel like you don’t like the design.

4 – You can make money out of it.

Not a lot of people realise that they can make money out of investing in granny flats. What you must do is hire a professional like to build the structure on your behalf. Once the granny flat is finished, you can then supplement your current income by renting it out to tenants. Aside from increasing the value of your property, you can also make money from the monthly rental fees you get from the tenant.

It is unfortunate to declare that not everyone thinks of a granny flat as a sound investment. But it is unfair to blame them, considering that it still isn’t a mainstream home improvement project. But if you plan on making the soundest investment that will give you a quick return, we certainly will recommend it.