Wednesday, July 28, 2021

You May Want to Consider a New Roof with the Following Signs

When we speak of roof replacement, most homeowners typically don’t overthink about it.  More and more people tend to do repairs by their selves whenever they experience issues with the roofing system. However, there will come a time wherein you have no other choice but to consider a professional Roof replacement Adelaide especially when the problems are severe enough.

Below are the lists of warning signs that you need a new roof.

1 – Old Age

Age is one of the most prominent signs that warrant a new roof. Roofs get old also just like with all things in this world. As your roof aged, you must expect that you will encounter increasing problems year after year. Only because your roof appears to be good doesn’t mean it is structurally in good condition.

Usually, roofs will last for up to 25 years. However, constant exposure to sunlight, improper design, materials used, and a lack of maintenance is the well-known factors that accelerate your roof’s aging process.

2 – Presence of Granules in the Gutter System

The presence of granules in your roof shingles has many advantages. Granules add colour, reflect UV rays from the sun, and resist fires. But because of the constant change of weather and daily heat exposure, the granules come off over time.

In most cases, granule loss is a result of hailstorms. Your roof will not be able to protect you from the outside elements if there are no granules. Massive loss of which results in roof breakdown.

You must check for the presence of shingle granules if you happen to clean your gutters after a long time. In case you find granules, recall whether they were present the last time you cleaned the gutters. Seeing a few granules should not be a reason for you to panic. However, contact a roofing contractor to explore and assist for possible reasons behind the granule loss.

3 – Plant Growth

Do you find it attractive seeing plants growing on your roof? Plant growth is evidence by moss, climbing vines, and algae. Vegetation may create a primitive feel for your home, but they cause destruction. As one of the signs you need a new roof, plants keep moisture, redirects the path of draining water, and cause discolouration.

Moist and shady areas of your property encourage these unwanted growths. You can resolve such problem if you work with an inspector from a qualified roofing contractor since they can help identify and alleviate problems associated with roof vegetation. The existence of moss and algae do not always necessitate a roof replacement unless there is terrible damage.

4 – Curled or buckled shingles

Try to examine your roof as you walk around your home. You can say that it is time for you to have a new roof if you see several shingles that have buckled or curled. Buckling looks like something beneath a shingle is pushing it upwards. While curling is when the sides of a shingle bend outward.

Buckling or curling generally happens due to excessive moisture. Lack of ventilation is also a cause. Growing roof age is one more reason.

5 – Damaged Flashing

The so-called flashing is a material put around chimneys, skylights, and sections where the roof connects to the wall. Flashings are perfectly-made of metal or galvanised steel; they help counteracts water from entering your home by redirecting it from openings.

Flashing deteriorates due to daily exposure to the outside elements. Check out for flashing that has a crack, bent, or totally torn away as such are signs of leaks that lead to damage.

If you experience any of those problems, Roof replacement Adelaide is the only viable option left and make sure you hire a professional roofer to complete the job.