Wednesday, July 28, 2021

How Much Should You Pay for a Roll of Silage Wrap

You might not be aware of it, but budgeting plays a significant role in the farming and agricultural sector. Farmers and agriculturists alike have their designated budget when it comes to the items and tools that they use daily. When it comes to bale wrapping, most farmers tend to go for the ever-reliable silage wrap – However, to make sure they get enough rolls of the wrap, they need to budget their money to make sure they get the right amount of bales for a particular baling process. The question now is, how much should you pay for a roll of silage wrap? This article will show you the exact numbers to make sure you’re well guided with the numbers and can come up with a substantial budget.


The Standard Price of Silage Wraps

Currently, there’s a variety of different prices that are being quoted around the country for every roll of silage wraps. Several factors that can affect the overall pricing are the brand, colour, and supplier. As of the moment, the current average price for a standard roll of silage wrap, which is about a 750mm x 1500m film, is around $134, including VAT.



The Factor of Colour

Some suppliers claim colour plays a significant role in the pricing of a roll of silage wrap Green and white wraps cost slightly more in some areas in South Australia than the standard black silage wrap. On the other hand, some suppliers also claim that colour had nothing to do with the pricing of their wraps.


Other Factors Affecting Price

Rolls of Silotite plastic, which is a crucial component to making silage wraps, exhibited a modest spike in its price. Currently, it ranges between $120 – $130 per roll. However, keep in mind that these prices tend to change in several areas in South Australia, affecting the overall price of silage wraps with it. Silawrap, which is a variant of the silage wrap, was listed as slightly more expensive than it was before. It costs between $130 to $150, which is a significant leap from its former $120 – $140 price range.

Make Sure that The Price is Right

So there you have it – the exact price points of your favourite silage wrap The next time you purchase your wraps, make sure that it’s near or precisely the price that’s mentioned in this article. For more articles just like this one, visit our blog page today.