Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Is a Mini Skip Hire a Worthy Expense?

A project like renovating a house, general cleaning, or office cleaning will most certainly produce a lot of rubbish and waste. As much as you hate dealing with that garbage, you do not have a choice but to dispose of it.


Fortunately, you won’t have to get your hands dirty in getting rid of that waste. You can focus on your cleaning or improvement project while you use a mini skip hire service to take care of the garbage.


So, what’s a skip hire and how does it help you handle your waste? It is a concept that’s highlighted by renting a skip bin. The skip bin is a large waste container with an open top. The bin is traditionally loaded into a truck or lorry, where it is transported and emptied by a waste management contractor.


A mini skip is an ideal solution for residential cleaning projects because you expect a minimal amount of trash compared to a commercial or industrial setting. Since skips come in different sizes, it means that mini skip hire is the one you’ll choose for your domestic rubbish problem. There are also small, medium, as well as large skips.



Mini skips for hire come in two different sizes. The first one is a two-yard variety that carries an estimated 25 black bin bags, while the other type has three yards and can carry about 35 black bin bags.


As for the cost, a skip hire amounts to about $50 per cubic metre, but it can reach up to $90. Be reminded that there could be additional charges based on factors like the hiring period, the distance of your home to the dumpsite, and special requests.


You should consider a skip bin hire for the following reasons:


1 – It is one way of saving money and time.


Expect to save a ton of time when you choose to obtain the services of a skip bin company. There is no way you can be efficient with time when you spend an entire day moving your garbage and trash from your home to the dumping site. You also will spend money on fuel because you’re using your truck to transport the trash. On the other hand, a skip hire will cost a minimum while you spend your time doing something else more meaningful other than handling the waste.


2 – Skip hire offers convenience.


Aside from saving money and time, another notable advantage of mini skip hire is the convenience you get out of it. You let the experts handle your waste, starting from the collection, transportation, and disposal. You don’t need to worry about dumping permits, too. With the professionals at the helm of taking care of your rubbish, you are confident that you’re not causing harm to the environment.