Wednesday, July 28, 2021

You Must Hire a Surveyor for your Property and Here’s Why

You probably have an idea of what a land surveyor is and what task they perform. However, you may have some uncertainties as to why you will need to seek their services soon. Hiring a surveyor comes with plenty of good reasons that range from the typical to the obscure.


The least of your concerns is the Surveyor Costs Adelaide once the need arises. It is because the task of surveying a property is something you can’t surrender to the hands of anyone else. The one that must look at your property is the land surveyor and here are the most common reasons why.


  1. You plan on putting up a fence.


Most people opt to put up a new fence around their property either for security or to increase the curb appeal. However, if your property was last surveyed a long time ago, you may face a nasty boundary argument with your neighbour over whether or not your fence intrudes on their property. Thus, consider hiring a surveyor to ensure that you are still proceeding within your rights.


  1. You have plans on buying or selling a property.


At some point or another, many people will find their selves purchasing or selling their property. So in making the process smooth, efficient and productive on both sides, you must remember that a surveyor can significantly help. Apart from telling you exactly how much land is there, a survey will also determine any issues in the property. This way, you are also helping your buyer secure a mortgage.


  1. You plan to refinance a loan.


Similar to how much you need a recent land survey to get a mortgage from the bank, it is also necessary if you plan to refinance a loan on your building. For banks to ensure that your property has not dramatically changed, they will require a survey from you. It is also their way of knowing of where are the property lines.


  1. You want to add a parking lot on a commercial space.


A survey is an absolute must if you happen to have a commercial space and want to add a parking lot for the convenience of everyone. After all, you certainly don’t want to put all effort and money in building a new lot and realise that several spaces are from your neighbour’s property after covering for Surveyor Costs Adelaide.


  1. You’re looking to expand.

Learning both the characteristics and boundaries of your land is crucial when you plan on expanding your home or adding a new building onto your commercial lot. Seeking a land survey will help in ensuring that your new building remains up to code and is entirely within your property limits.